Cut Out Vegetation for Digital Landscapes

See Parallax Effects Done with PNG VEGETATION‘s Image Bank

The cut out vegetation lends itself well to parallax effects in compositing software for designing digital landscapes such as video games. This technique is sometimes faster to implement and less expensive than a scene modeled in 3D. The PNG VEGETATION photos stock of PNG trees and PNG plants is suitable for the production of matte painting and VFX in the film and multimedia industry.

◼︎ Lighting, a Major Challenge in Compositing

In compositing, the realization of a digital scenery such as a forest composed of plants, bushes and cut-out trees is a big challenge. We must consider the main light source of the scene in the composition. This source of light will often be the sun. The research for vegetation in image banks will have to consider this constraint. Most of the time you can change the intensity of foliage lighting, branches or tree trunks in a software such as Photoshop.

The colors of the plants included in our stock photos are calibrated at best to give a natural look. The foliage of a fir or cedar does not necessarily have the same color of a maple, just as the color palette of a green plant can be different from that of a green tree. However, it will be your responsibility to make color adjustments in post-production.

◼︎ Plants Precisely Cut Out for Perfect Integration.

By building our bank of photos, we focused our efforts on the quality of cutouts. Whether it is a cut-out dead tree, a fern or a cut-out flower, we took care to preserve as much as possible the smallest details such as browns of grass, small leaves or fine branches. A matte painting is not always composed of distant plans. Plants in the foreground must be cut out perfectly. Examples of free png plants and free png trees can be downloaded here.

png tree in forest-cut out vegetationpng tree-forest-cut out vegetation

All the photomontages and matte paintings of this demo are the work of matte painter Fabrice Loyola whose portfolio is available on the site

png plants-forest-cut out vegetationpng plant-forest-cut out vegetation

◼︎ Real photos of plants versus 3D modeling

Compositing 3D modeling of plants needs special effects. However, it requires significant resources in computing power when rendering scenes with photorealistic vegetation. As an alternative, video games, film industry, and 3D architectural design often use photographs of real cut out vegetation in their scenes and matte paintings. The image bank of PNG VEGETATION offers a variety of wild and domestic plants, shrubs and flowers in PNG format. This is a photo collection of professional-quality High-Res png plants ready for use in your 3D software or for integration into your composition.

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