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Cutout maple. PNG tree isolated on transparent background. Deciduous tree with green foliage in summer.
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More about PNG image: Tree-Deciduous_011_Summer

Royalty free photo. Image of a PNG maple. PNG VEGETATION image bank.
The maple, the favorite tree making Canadians proud! His leaf is indeed the emblem of the Canadian flag. Here is a good example. This magestic tree is recognizable by its broad leaf with five lobes. The cutout maple that represents this photo is about 35 years old. It is ultimately very young if one considers that it has a life expectancy of 300 years.
It measures approximately 15 m. His trunk is massive and solid. Its bark cracked at the trunk becomes more smooth on the branches. The bark has a dark gray color.
Depending on the maple species, the dense, green foliage in summer will turn orange or red in autumn. Maple trees lives in temperate forests across the globe.


The picture of this PNG maple was made in summer on a sunny day, around 14h the sun is almost at the zenith. The sun in our back illuminates the face of the tree projecting hard shadow.

Image size:

  • Low resolution: 990 x 1000
  • Medium resolution: 1980 x 2000
  • Full size: 3622 x 3659

Color characteristics of the picture:

PNG image in RGB mode (red, green, blue, alpha chanel). Color Profile: Adobe RGB (1998).
Note that the PNG format makes it possible to save a photograph without loss of information contrary to the jpg format.

All stock photos from our image bank are processed by professional photographers. The colors of the cut out plants and the cut out trees are carefully calibrated in order to approach the reality as much as possible.

Suggested use:

Since the maple lives everywhere, this cutout maple can be used in many digital landscapes. For landscaping, architectural design, video games, etc.
The cutout of this tree is high quality. The resolution is high enough to place this PNG tree image in the foreground in a scene.


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