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Dead tree PNG. Cutout tree isolated on transparent background. Bare tree in winter.
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Other information about the PNG image: Tree-Bare_005

Royalty free stock photo. The image of this dead tree PNG shows us a young birch tree having lost its leaves in autumn. It is indeed a deciduous tree. This tree is not really dead, it will green again in the spring.
Its bark is smooth and clear with vertical lines characteristic of this species. The bark is very white in the young tree and then darkened with time. It is a plant species found in almost all temperate regions of the world. The natural habitat of birch is the forest, but it can also live alone. Its adult size can reach 40 m. This dead tree PNG seems to measure approximately 12 m.
The silhouette of this cut out dead tree is composed of a long rectilinear straight trunk with many branches and very fine ramifications.

Small peculiarity of birch, its bark is a source of food for many small animals in winter.


The source of light that illuminates this bare tree in winter comes from the top right. The sky was veiled and the sun partially hidden by the clouds. We can see very well on bare branches the soft shadows projected by diffuse lighting.

Image size:

This royalty free image of cut out dead tree is proposed in several sizes:

  • Low resolution: 852 x 1000
  • Medium resolution: 1703 x 2000
  • Full size: 3021 x 3548

Color characteristics of the photo:

PNG image in RGB mode (red, green, blue, alpha chanel). Color Profile: Adobe RGB (1998).
Note that the PNG format makes it possible to save a photograph without loss of information contrary to the jpg format.

Suggested use:

Of course birch is a friend of the forest. It is next to other species of trees such as beech, horme and maple, but also coniferous trees. It will be used in a digital landscape such as a forest or woodland.
But it is also a tree very used in landscaping. It will have its place for architectural design, in the yard of a house or around a commercial building.
It is an image of good quality. This cutout dead tree will find its usefulness in video games or other digital composition.


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