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PNG Maple. Cutout tree isolated on transparent background. Deciduous tree with yellow and orange foliage in autumn.
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Additional information for PNG image: Tree-Deciduous_011_Autumn

Stock Photo. Image of a maple PNG. Recognizable among all, here is the maple in all its splendor. This specimen is about 35 years old. He is relatively young considering that he could live up to 300 years! Its current size is about 15 m.

This tree is a regular in temperate regions. Its palette of colors from yellow to red illuminates the forests in fall. This maple PNG tree has begun to lose its foliage covering the ground with a carpet of orange leaves.
The trunk of this tree is thick with a slight inclination. It separates quickly into a multitude of branches and ramifications. The texture of the bark of the trunk is cracked while the rest of the branches are smooth.
The leaves of this cutout maple are broad and composed of five lobes.


It is on a beautiful sunny day that this maple was photographed. It’s autumn around 2 pm. The sun is almost at the zenith and illuminates the foliage entirely.

Image dimension:

  • Low resolution: 990 x 1000
  • Medium resolution: 1980 x 2000
  • Full size: 3622 x 3659

Color characteristics of the picture:

PNG image in RGB mode (red, green, blue, alpha chanel). Color Profile: Adobe RGB (1998).
Note that the PNG format makes it possible to save a photograph without loss of information contrary to the jpg format.

Like all other PNG tree images in the collection, the colors of this maple PNG image are calibrated by a photographer. We take care to restore natural colors and bring consistency to all of our stock photos.

Suggested use:

Of course this tree with multicolored foliage will be used in an autumnal landscape. Used alone or in the middle of its congeners. Given the accuracy of the clipping mask and the quality of its definition it will be interesting to place this tree in the foreground in a digital composition. In a park, in the city or in its natural environment, this cutout maple will not fail to be noticed.


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