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Cutout tree isolated on transparent background. Deciduous tree with green foliage in summer.
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Other information about the PNG image: Tree-Deciduous_002_Summer

Stock Photo. Image of a PNG maple. Cutout maple of professional quality. From the family of maples this tree is present on the northern hemisphere of the earth coloring the forests in autumn. This one is about 15 meters high. A broad and solid trunk divides into several branches at a third of its height. The dark green foliage is dense and generous. Probably weakened by a harsh winter, it reveals a few bare branches in places.
This deciduous tree is about 25 years old. As an adult, the bark of maple forms long vertical ridges. These broad, thick leaves have a recognizable shape composed of five lobes.
Photo of royalty free tree.


Photographed by a cloudy day, the source of light illuminating this tree is not particularly defined. The hidden sun seems to be at the zenith. The lighting on this tree is soft and diffuse.

Dimension of the image:

  • Low resolution: 751 x 1000
  • Medium resolution: 1502 x 2000
  • Full size: 6915 x 9206

Color characteristics of the photo:

PNG image in RGB mode (red, green, blue, alpha chanel). Color Profile: Adobe RGB (1998).
Note that the PNG format makes it possible to save a photograph without loss of information contrary to the jpg format.

At PNG VEGETATION, a qualified photographer calibrates the colors of each cut out plant and each tree of our image bank. The challenge is to achieve realistic and consistent colors across all our tree collections.

Suggested use:

Maple being a fairly common plant species, we can expect to find it in many landscapes. The maple tolerates low light, so we can see it under the canopy. This PNG maple will find its place in a public park, in a forest or in town.
The high resolution of this tree image allows you to place this png maple in the foreground in your digital composition. Whether it’s a matte painting, a rendering of 3D architechture or a video game. The quality of the clipping of this tree is very good.


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