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Cutout ash tree. Tree PNG isolated on transparent background. Deciduous tree with green foliage in summer.
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More about PNG tree: Tree-Deciduous_009_Summer

Royalty free image bank. Photo of a cutout ash tree. Although its foliage is not perfectly distributed, this tree does not lack elegance. It is a white ash found in forests in regions with a mild climate.
The leaves of this tree are composed of 5 or 7 leaflets of elongated shape. The bark is thick with a pattern of regular rhombuses crisscrossed. In the case of a younger ash, the bark would be rather smooth. This cutout ash tree reaches an approximate height of 14 m. The trunk is straight and separates into three large main branches deploying a magestic green foliage.


The photo was taken during a cloudy day around 4 pm. As a result, sunlight is a bit diffuse casting soft shadows. The light source illuminates the PNG tree by the left plunging the right part of the tree in the shade.

Image size:

  • Low resolution: 644 x 1000
  • Medium resolution: 1287 x 2000
  • Full size: 5122 x 7960

Color characteristics of the photo:

PNG image in RGB mode (red, green, blue, alpha chanel). Color Profile: Adobe RGB (1998).
Note that the PNG format makes it possible to save a photograph without loss of information contrary to the jpg format

We specify that all cutout photos of vegetation from our stock images are calibrated by an experienced photographer. This means that colors are optimized to be as close as possible to reality.

Suggested use:

Ash tree occurs in deciduous forests with maples, birch or lime trees, as well as hemlock and white pine. It is rarely found along streams.
Finally, this cutout ash tree image will be used in landscape scenes as varied as 3D renderings of architechture, video games or matte painting.
From its clipping quality and its high resolution this cutout tree will occupy without problem the foreground of a digital composition.


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