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Professional Quality Cutout Vegetation

◼︎ High-Quality PNG Plants

Buy high-resolution images of cut-out vegetation in PNG format. All PNG plants are isolated on a transparent background with the following characteristics:

 Highly accurate masks
 Color calibrated

◼︎ Professional Cutout Photo Stock

Our high-res trees and plants are produced by professional photographers for the most demanding needs of the image industry:

 Video games
 3D Architectural Visualization
 Landscape Design
Matte Painting
Graphics Design

◼︎ Royalty-free images

Choose royalty-free images from the PNG PLANT and PNG TREE collections. Subsequently, use them in your digital or print productions according to the terms and conditions mentioned here.

The PNG VEGETATION plants and trees collections are sorted according to the following categories: TREES and PLANTS.
So, do a targeted search using the tags tool. For example, find in the category PNG TREE other sub-categories such as BRANCH, FOLIAGE, SHRUB, FIR, PINE TREE, TRUNK or TREE STUMP.

Also in the PNG PLANT category you will find sub-categories like IVY, VINE LEAVES, GRASS, FERN, LEAF, CLIMBING, FLOWER or BUSH.

Free Samples – Try Before You Buy!

◼︎ Free Download PNG Plants

Download a free PNG plant image to assess the quality of the clipping mask. Then test the cut-out plant in your composition on a dark or light background and note the absence of unwanted edge around the plant. Finally, see how the outline of the plant is clean and sharp. Note that you will get a perfect integration of the PNG plant no matter what the color of the background is. Feel free to use this free cutout plant in your commercial project. You must not share, distribute or resell these images.

free png flower - png plants from PNG VEGETATION
Free png plants from PNG VEGETATION
free png Tree - png plants from PNG VEGETATION
png plants, free png bush from PNG VEGETATION

◼︎ Download for free PNG Trees

Download a free PNG tree image. Since these trees are isolated on a transparent background, import them into your photomontage and notice the quality of the edge around the tree. Just like the rest of our cut-out vegetation collection, these free PNG trees are in high resolution and professional quality. Use these royalty free image of cutout trees in a commercial project. You must not share, distribute or resell these images.