Terms and conditions

LAST UPDATED: May 20, 2019

To use digital files produced by PNG VEGETATION, you must agree to the following terms of use:

ARTICLE 1 – You are allowed to use the PNG VEGETATION files in all your personal or commercial projects as long as the files of PNG VEGETATION can not be extracted or exported from your final composition for later use in another project.

ARTICLE 2 – The images, and thumbnails produced by PNG VEGETATION can only be used as part of a work of art or project. The resale or redistribution of these images is prohibited.

ARTICLE 3 – The rights of use are valid for the buyer only. It can be an individual or a company and its employees.

ARTICLE 4 – You can make a backup of the PNP VEGETATION files, but you can not share the original files or copies with a third party.

ARTICLE 5 – Image license are not transferable or sublicensable. You may not sublicense them to anyone except your customer or subcontractor for the purposes of a single project.

ARTICLE 6 – You are not allowed to publish, market, sell, distribute or sublicense any of the digital files of PNG VEGETATION.

ARTICLE 7 – Whether alone or integrated with other graphic elements, the PNG VEGETATION files can not be used in an online shop or other project competing with PNG VEGETATION, even if the PNG VEGETATION files have undergone some visual transformation.

ARTICLE 8 – The image license purchased at PNG VEGETATION is non-exclusive. In other words, you do not have the exclusive right to use the content since PNG VEGETATION may license the same image to other customers.

ARTICLE 9 – In the event that any part of this license agreement becomes invalid, this does not affect the other terms of this license agreement.

ARTICLE 10 – Unless required by law, PNG VEGETATION is under no obligation to make a refund. For any claim, please contact PNG VEGETATION at the following email address: contact@pngvegetation.com

ARTICLE 11 – All copyrights of this online store and of digital files produced by PNG VEGETATION are reserved by PNG VEGETATION according to applicable laws in Canada.